Dedicated to building for Mac

Why Mac?

Today, most developers focus on the sizeable iPhone market. Apps for Mac are created as an after-thought, and often they don't utilize the full power of your expensive machine. We firmly believe that there is a great opportunity here today to do much more.

Macs have larger screens, faster processors, and real keyboards. While your iOS device is great for on-the-go tasks, anything that requires focus just naturally happens better on a Mac. Mac is still the ultimate platform for staying creative and for getting things done. And every year, Apple continues to improve things and give developers more tools for crafting better experiences, using the battery more efficiently, and for keeping your data more secure.

The people are a big deal, too. Macs have the world's best user base of creative professionals, trendsetters, and information workers. Mac users value their time and are opinionated. Coffee shops and creative hubs around the world were transformed by scores of once-lit-up Apple logos. We'd like to keep up this magic and to bring great people together through our products.

Who are you?

Akeru was founded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest by David Vartan.

What's in a name?

Akeru means "to open" in Japanese. We thought it would be a great name to reflect our excitement for creating new experiences.

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