Powerful desktop alarms for Mac

An alarm clock your Mac always wanted to have

Sometimes you need an alarm on your desktop. If you're a teacher, you may want to use it to time class bells. If you're working in an office and do not need the distraction of your phone, you could use Red to bring you useful reminders throughout the day. Or, you may simply use this app as a traditional, but more feature-rich, alarm clock.

Think of Red as a handy, more flexible replacement for recurring calendar events.

No more buzzers

With built-in sounds and iTunes playlist support, you don't have to listen to the buzzer. MorningsĀ® Red comes with many great built-in professionally created sounds, and also works seamlessly with your iTunes playlists.

An alarm for every day

Set up to dozens of alarms, and choose weekdays when they should repeat. When an alarm is upcoming, we'll show you how much time is left, letting you know how much time is left to zzz's. We've also included an option to choose odd or even weeks to accoodate an alternating schedule.

Handy desktop notifications

Red will show a desktop notification with at-a-glance information about the event and traditional Snooze and Off buttons.

Close the big window and access from the menubar

Red comes with a menubar widget that will display your favorite alarms, let you toggle them on and off, and show the next upcoming alarm time.

Volume control with fade

An alarm that is too quiet will be easily missed. One that is too loud may be jarring. Red is able to set an initial alarm volume and then fade to a louder volume so that you're only bothered if you forget to turn it off.

Stop ringing automatically

If you've forgotten to disable an alarm, or if you're simply away from your Mac, Red can automatically stop ringing after a predefined amount of time.

See upcoming alarms at a glance

We show all of the upcoming alarm for the next two weeks to give a birds-eye view of events that may be coming up.

An unlimited number of alarms can be created, with up to 50 turned on simultaneously.
To allow your Mac to run while letting your display rest, use the "moon" button to quickly turn off the display. (You can also set up a Mac "hot corner.")
Works great with 24 hours or AM/PM.
Alarms can be temporarily disabled.
Tag your alarms by choosing from one of the vibrant colors, or by setting a name.
Built by a small team that actually answers your e-mail.

We focus on the Mac.

With the rapid growth of the mobile market, today most app developers exclusively focus on writing apps for iOS or Android. Desktop app development is done as an afterthought.

We'd like to bring back the craft of great desktop app development. Macs have larger screens, faster processors, and actual keyboards, making it possible for you to enjoy more content and stay more productive. Macs also have the world's best user base of power users and creative professionals, inspiring us to craft great experiences to help you make the most of your days.

As Apple continues to innovate its platforms and introduce more capabilities for developers, we stay up-to-date. With many years of experience in building desktop apps, we take pride in writing software that is faster, more reliable, energy-efficient, and secure.