Desktop app for Facebook Messenger chat on your Mac

No distracting news feed, and many mobile Messenger features on your desktop:

  • see when your friends were last active
  • know when your messages were read
  • have fun with all stickers and GIF apps
  • talk with several friends in group chat
  • see all photos you've previously shared

Stay up-to-date with less distractions

Built-in OS X notifications are limited to just one message at a time. We've designed our own notifications to simultaneously show several Facebook chat messages, helping you catch what's important without leaving your other apps, and highlighting your friends' profile photos. You can also mute notifications, or show only the photos without message previews for additional privacy.

Access from the Dock

Since Awa is an app, and not a web browser tab, you can access your chat right from the Dock. Of course, the icon also lights up when you have an unread message.

Share documents and photos

Because "check your inbox in a minute" loses all the fun. Drag a photo or a document from Finder or from the Desktop to send them to your Facebook friends, right during your conversation.

Snap screenshots

No need for another screenshot tool. Press Cmd + S to select a screen area and directly send to your Facebook friends.

Save screen space

When you resize the window to a smaller size, only your friends' photos are displayed and the chat view is condensed, leaving more room for other applications on your desktop.

Built with privacy in mind.

Awa transmits chat data from your Mac directly to Facebook's servers, and your chats are never seen by us or transmitted to us.

To reach Facebook, data still travels through your service provider, or other intermediate networks, such as your coffee shop's hotspot. To protect data during transit, Awa (just like all of other apps) always utilizes SSL (HTTPS) for industry-standard transport security, so that you can chat safely.

Awa supports all features of Facebook Messenger, including stickers and group chat, but not including video or voice chat.
Resize the window or go full screen. Or, press Cmd +/- to resize the chat text.
We like keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press Cmd + N to start a new conversation.
Awa was built by a small team that actually answers your e-mail.

We focus on the Mac.

With the rapid growth of the mobile market, today most app developers exclusively focus on writing apps for iOS or Android. Desktop app development is done as an afterthought.

We'd like to bring back the craft of great desktop app development. Macs have larger screens, faster processors, and actual keyboards, making it possible for you to enjoy more content and stay more productive. Macs also have the world's best user base of power users and creative professionals, inspiring us to craft great experiences to help you make the most of your days.

As Apple continues to innovate its platforms and introduce more capabilities for developers, we stay up-to-date. With many years of experience in building desktop apps, we take pride in writing software that is faster, more reliable, energy-efficient, and secure.