Real-time cryptocurrency portfolio tracking for your Mac

Your blockchain-based assets at a glance

We set out to build an efficient portfolio tracker for Mac that values privacy, can be left running the entire day without draining your battery or CPU, that can support hundreds of coins, and provides useful analytical tools to help you manage your holdings.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies supported

We import data in real-time from GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex and other exchanges to provide coverage of all popular coins. New coins are added regularly.

Automatically import portfolio holdings

Import your holdings from major exchanges including GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex, or from public blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Not a wallet. Peace of mind with a read-only view

Our goal was to let you manage your finances without building yet another wallet where funds can be misplaced or lost.

Moonbound does not need your private key. If you choose to import holdings from the blockchain, we will only ask for your public key (address). To import from the blockchain, we will ask you to create a view-only API key that is unable to place trades or transfer assets.

View asset allocation

Moonbound shows the allocation of each asset in your portfolio to help you decide how to diversify or allocate your assets. We'll price assets in both fiat and Bitcoin.

Energy-efficient. Built directly for Mac

If you've wondered why the battery on your brand-new 2017 Macbook Pro lasts just a few hours, developers are in part to blame. To reduce development time, teams now prefer to publish JavaScript applications and call them "native." What looks like a Mac app at a first glance may actually be a web browser repackaged in a desktop window.

These implementations add a burdensome translation layer above the operating system, and tend to be memory- and battery-hungry.

We write directly for your operating system using latest technologies provided by Apple and do not use frameworks such as Electron. With this approach, we're able to deliver an app that is responsive and doesn't slow down your machine even while providing real-time data.

More features to help you analyze your portfolio holdings are in the works.
Built by a small team that actually answers your e-mail.

We focus on the Mac.

With the rapid growth of the mobile market, today most app developers exclusively focus on writing apps for iOS or Android. Desktop app development is done as an afterthought.

We'd like to bring back the craft of great desktop app development. Macs have larger screens, faster processors, and actual keyboards, making it possible for you to enjoy more content and stay more productive. Macs also have the world's best user base of power users and creative professionals, inspiring us to craft great experiences to help you make the most of your days.

As Apple continues to innovate its platforms and introduce more capabilities for developers, we stay up-to-date. With many years of experience in building desktop apps, we take pride in writing software that is faster, more reliable, energy-efficient, and secure.