Real-time cryptocurrency ticker for your Mac

For the OCD price watcher

Watching every tick of a price movement can be captivating and distracting. Moonbound Ticker provides a real-time data feed without cluttering screen space, letting you focus on your work while still having a birds-eye view of the market.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies supported

We connect to major exchanges including GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex to provide coverage of all popular coins. New coins are added regularly. Prices can be displayed in fiat or BTC denomination.

We're working on adding more indicators and market analytics.
Built by a small team that actually answers your e-mail.

We focus on the Mac.

With the rapid growth of the mobile market, today most app developers exclusively focus on writing apps for iOS or Android. Desktop app development is done as an afterthought.

We'd like to bring back the craft of great desktop app development. Macs have larger screens, faster processors, and actual keyboards, making it possible for you to enjoy more content and stay more productive. Macs also have the world's best user base of power users and creative professionals, inspiring us to craft great experiences to help you make the most of your days.

As Apple continues to innovate its platforms and introduce more capabilities for developers, we stay up-to-date. With many years of experience in building desktop apps, we take pride in writing software that is faster, more reliable, energy-efficient, and secure.